Record What You Learn


Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


The solution the text offers is to keep a record of your journey in a journal, wiki, or blog. Having a chronological record of the lessons you’ve learned can help those you mentors you, it can also be a vital resource to draw upon when needed. Those who follow this pattern sooner or later realize they’re trying to solve a tough problem and use what you’ve recorded to solve the problem. Try to avoid writing lessons down and then losing the information and forgetting to keep it updated. An example the text offers is someone who keeps a wiki for his private thoughts and the other for sharing with the world.

I think the pattern is good advice, I like the idea of keeping a blog to update as I start my career as an apprentice. I liked the idea of having two wikis, one designed for personal use and one to share with others. Having a more personal blog or wiki allows you to be painfully honest with yourself and the progress you’re making. Having something to go back to and refresh yourself has many benefits and can help you in a bind when you might not have anyone to ask. I keep cheat sheets at the current job I work and having that information saved makes my job much easier. Another good suggestion from the text is creating a textfile or page on a blog or wiki to save tidbits of information or quotes from software craftsmen, in the example the book noted, someone uploaded all their saved quotes online for others to learn from. I like how this patterns ties into the Breakable Toys pattern, you can start projects that you can share online, creating a chronological history of every step of the project, where things went wrong, and what you did to fix it. I think during my time as an apprentice I will continue to blog what I learn and keep the lessons I learn from mentors and colleagues. I like the idea of Sharing What You Learn, a lot of the lessons I’ve learned have come from other people who’ve taken the time to create blogs posts or YouTube videos describing the steps they took.

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