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You’re walking along a path with no idea of what’s around the next corner or how to prepare for it. You need help and guidance.

The solution the book offers is to seek out those who have gone ahead of you and strive to learn from them. Since our field is fairly young, it can be difficult to find someone who is truly a master craftsman. More than likely you will get support from a series a mentors with varying degrees of mastery. Help can come in many forms, you can get help one-to-one with someone or remotely via the internet. While an apprentice is trying to find mentors, we must remember we are all walking “The Long Road” and no one knows everything. More problems you might have is finding a mentor who in interested in mentoring or who isn’t intimidated by the task of being responsible for another persons learning. It may seem risky to ask someone for help and fear rejection but the payoff is worth it if your offer is accepted. Just as people will be ahead of you, there will also be people who are behind you. You are also tasked with finding those who you may offer to help with information you’ve learned. Passing along what you’ve learned in one of the ways you can being the transition into journeymen status.

I think it’s super important to find someone or a group of people to ask to pass on what they know about the current state of our field. I think work is a great place to meet people that can offer you their skills and knowledge, especially because you will be building relationships with these people and seeing them every day. The text advises picking a tool, library, or community that has an active mailing list and learning the values of the community. Learn who the teachers are and seek out those who may be interested in offering help, I would consider this a great idea. I think sharing what we’ve learned if very important, it helps everybody, it helps the world. I would be super grateful for anybody who’s willing to take the time to share what they’ve learned and I know some people enjoy sharing their knowledge and would be flattered if someone asked for their help.

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